Equestrian Coach Riding Workshop with Bernie

Equestrian Coach Ranch


WHERE: Equestrian Coach Ranch
San Marcos, CA
40 minutes north of the San Diego International Airport 


Dates for 2020:

10-day: July 21-August 2 (July 23, July 27, July 30 rest days)
5 day: July 21-July 26 (July 23 rest day)
5 day: July 28-August 2 (July 30 rest day)


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An EquestrianCoach Riding Workshop is an all-inclusive immersion course at Bernie’s own private facility. You will ride your own horse(s) or, in most cases, a leased horse may be available. Workshops will be limited to not more than 10 people and can include all levels of riders of all jumping disciplines from novice adult amateurs to juniors to professionals. This will be an opportunity to get inside Bernie’s head and to have concentrated access to his expertise.  While the instruction will be professional and focused the atmosphere will be relaxed, friendly and positive as Bernie addresses and improves your specific issues or those of your horse(s). He will work with you to establish an ongoing program to reach your goals that will include individualized homework and training plans beyond the workshop. Additionally, you will have one year of one on one access to Bernie as he monitors your progress via video analysis and answers any questions or concerns via email.


 Bernie Teaching



You will ride twice daily on your own horse(s) (2 maximum) or leased horse (if needed and available)

  • AM: Flat session with ground poles, cavalettis and small gymnastics
  • PM: Jumping session with course work
  • Average ride times per session 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Average groups of 2 to 3 riders


Included in Bernie's Workshop


  • Stall (includes cleaning), bedding & hay for one horse
  • Lifetime membership to which includes email correspondence and video analysis with Bernie
  • saddle pad, back pack, and cap
  • Continental breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Two dinners (Wednesday and Saturday) at Bernie’s tiki bar which include debriefings, Q&A and video presentations


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be intimidated by a large audience?
No, not at all. The only spectators will be the friends and family you bring and those brought by your fellow workshop participants.

I am a novice adult who just rides mostly for fun. I don’t show much. Does Bernie take riders like me?
Absolutely!  Even though Bernie works with some of the top professionals in the sport, he very much enjoys sharing his expertise with novice equestrians who have a passion for riding.

Will I be intimidated with other riders more advanced than myself?

We take great care to match you with a rider (usually only 2, 3 max) of the same level. Bernie has a relaxed way of teaching people and EquestrianCoach Ranch offers a very tranquil atmosphere.

Will riding twice daily be too much for my horse?

As you will be riding usually in a group of 2 or 3, the intensity level will be reduced. Bernie is too much of a conscientious horseman to overwork your horse.  The fitness level of each horse will be taken into consideration and jumping will be adjusted according to your horse’s fitness level. Assuming your horse is moderately fit, your horse should be fine with two rides a day. Bernie will not overwork your horse and you, of course, will have the ultimate say as to how much your horse jumps.

Will riding twice a day be too tiring for me?

Riding in a group of 2 or 3 greatly reduces the amount of stress on a rider.  Bernie is a considerate horseman and takes great care to address the fitness levels, soundness, and needs of the rider as well.  You may offer input as to the work level you desire at all times.

Am I required to stay on the premises all day or do I get some spare time?

Other than your two ride times during the day you may do as you please.  Stay and watch the others or enjoy the free time in our beautiful area.  

Is lunch mandatory on the premises?
Absolutely not.  You may choose to eat here or go out for lunch.

Is it mandatory to have dinner on the premises?
While it is not mandatory, it is recommended, as we will incorporate a debriefing, Q&A and video presentation along with dinner.

Will I be required to help out with tacking up my horse and putting him away?

We do provide a groom that will feed, muck out, and help you tack up, and put your horse away properly. Your help with this is greatly appreciated.

What kind of hay will be available for my horse?

We will have orchard grass, timothy and alfalfa available. If your horse requires another type of hay, you will need to advise us in advance so we can see if it is available in our area.

Will I be required to bring any grains for my horse or supplements?

Yes, we will provide three different types of hay, but you must bring whatever grain and supplements you feed your horse.

Will I be able to medicate my horse if needed?

Whatever medications, or supplements you and your vet decide are necessary for the health and welfare of your horse are permissible and must be administered by you.

My horse may need a lunge. Is this possible?

Yes, however, due to the time schedule it would have to be early or during the lunch break.  Time to be determined.  You would be responsible to do the lunging. You may use the exerciser any time and if your horse is quiet and used to being turned out you may also use the grass paddocks.

If I live too far away to bring my horse can I lease a horse?

Yes. In most situations we will be able to provide you with a lease horse.

Can I bring my two horses and ride one in each session per day?
Yes, but additional fees for bedding and feed will apply to the 2nd horse.

How much advance notice does Bernie need for me to reserve a leased horse?
At least six weeks prior to the start of the workshop. The more notice we have the better chance we have to reserve a horse for you.

Will Bernie’s ongoing e-mail support and video analysis be a benefit to me after the workshop?

Absolutely! Bernie will monitor your progress by the videos you send and be able to make the exact recommendations of which upcoming or already filmed video topics on he feels will help further your progress.

Are there any living accommodations on the ranch?
No, but we have listed some of the hotels in close proximity to the ranch. Click on each to visit their websites.

Fairfield Inn & Suites
Hampton Inn
Residence Inn
Lakehouse Resort
Golden Door Spa
Welk Resort