Bernie Traurig Clinic Testimonials


"The most important thing I learned was how to use my hands and leg to correct Holly’s (Holiday’s) bulging as we approach the jumps. It was amazing how well it worked! He had me move my two hands together in the direction I wanted the horse to move while using leg. Holly was so much straighter. It also helped me improve my corners immensely. He made me really think about getting my heel down. My ankles are sore from it! They’ve never been that far down!”

- Christina, Chestnut Hill


"Had a GREAT time at the TCP Clinic with Bernie Traurig. Fantastic clinic, and very well hosted by the the North Shore Equestrian Center and Brooke Chasin. Thanks to Bernie and all the organizers!!"

- Dina Mazzola


"I've organized two Bernie clinics. He is without a doubt one of the nicest, most patient people around. He will get on a horse to demonstrate and rides as well as he did when he was younger. The horses are his first concern, that they are willingly and happily working for and with you. He will show and explain how to establish a good working partnership right at the beginning of the ride."

- Screen Name "Seal Harbor," Chronicle of the Horse Forum


"I am a big fan of Mr. Traurig. I have audited a clinic and gained much valuable information. I noted that he is very patient, but also very clear and direct in his instruction. He really makes sense. He emphasized the importance of controlling your horse's stride (making the riders alternate the number of strides in a set line) and keeping your horse balanced from leg to hand. He also seemed to be a huge fan of riding in two-point, so be prepared to get your arse out of the saddle. I must say, as an auditor, watching Bernie two-point around for an hour or so was quite a treat."

- Screen Name "busylady," Chronicle of the Horse Forum


"He gave everyone equal attention and specific pointers on their issues. He rides a lot of horses at the clinic and it's awe-inspiring to watch. He rode my horse last month. It was awesome!"

- Screen Name "snaffle635," Chronicle of the Horse Forum


"Bernie is FANTASTIC. A wealth of knowledge and one of the most patient and positive clinicians I've ever seen. He's done two clinics here and taught all levels - we had people who just started riding and GP riders and everyone walked away happy."

- Screen Name "nycjumper," Chronicle of the Horse Forum


"If you really want to be prepared, join and watch Bernie's videos before the clinic. It is well worth the money, IMO. I have never taken a clinic with him, but I feel like I have! I don't have a trainer at my barn, and everytime I teach the silly filly a new trick everyone in the ring laughs while I crow, "!" I feel like I should bake all of the trainers on there Christmas cookies. They have no idea how important they are to me!"

- Screen Name "Justice," Chronicle of the Horse Forum


"He is brilliant: concise, direct and positive. He pinpoints the problem, gives you the solution, works with you on it during the entire clinic and gives you follow up/homework for after he's gone. All this with great humor and respect. Also, he gives a special on joining his website when you take his clinics: JOIN! It is the perfect follow up and super complete. My horses have only gotten better with his system. I can't praise it enough."

- Screen Name "faraway46," Chronicle of the Horse Forum