Natasha Traurig FerraraNatasha Traurig Ferrara
Show Jumping Development and Training Expert

Raised in the barn, Natasha Traurig Ferrara developed her riding career under the tutelage of her parents, Christine and Bernie Traurig, establishing an esteemed foundation in horsemanship at a very young age. At the age of 18, Natasha claimed her “professional” status and continued her education and career under the direction of prominent riders like Mandy Porter, Simon Nizri, and Michelle Parker, and running the sales and development of horses for Neil Jones Equestrian. She now operates Traurig Tradition Inc., specializing in the development and training of young horses to Grand Prix Show Jumpers, and is based in Parker, Colorado. 

Natasha Traurig Ferrara

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Natasha's Video Topics:


Daily Grooming Routine for Equestrians

Here is Natasha's daily grooming routine and care for her horses. These are some of her favorite products and tools she has used and trusted for years to make her horse’s coat shiny and well cared for. 

Favorite Books on Riding and Horsemanship

Here are some of Natasha's favorite books on riding and horsemanship. Many of these were handed down to her from her parents. It is so important to gather as much information as you can on methods of training and education from other riders, especially from legends like the authors of these books. You never stop learning in this sport.

Flatwork Training Tip for Jumpers

Learn how to make your turns faster by creating an engaged hind end and more responsive horse. Here's an exercise Natasha incorporates into her flatwork that is a great training tool for both experienced and young horses.

Full Body Workout for Equestrians

Here is a great full body workout routine that focuses on rider stability and strength.

Full Body Workout for Equestrians 2

Natasha gives us another full body workout to keep you strong in the saddle.

Full-Body Workout for Equestrians with Minimal Equipment

A full body workout that focuses on rider fitness that you can do at home with just a box.

Grooming a Healthy Tail

Natasha shares her favorite products to keep her horse's tail healthy and shiny.

Grooming Box Essentials

What’s in Natasha's grooming box? Here are all of her favorite brushes and products to use for a beautiful coat.

Leg Care for Scratches

Pesky scratches are irritating for both horse and owner. Here are some tips on how to get rid of them quickly and keep your horse healthy and happy. 

Post Competition Leg Care for When You Don’t Have Ice Boots

After a competition or hard work session, it’s important to care for your athlete’s legs. Here is Natasha's routine for leg care after a show or jump school session. This is a great routine if you do not have access to ice boots. 

Note: If you're using liniment at a show, please use as directed and stated under the USEF Rules. Be mindful of the difference of the FEI Rules.