Susan DealSusan Yeaman Deal
USHJA Certified Category I Trainer

Susan is an accomplished rider and instructor who has taught hunter seat equitation at Sweet Briar College, St. Andrews College, Eagle's Nest Camp, and elsewhere. The summer camp is a natural outgrowth of her interest in and love of children and horses. Susan teaches lessons year-round, takes students to shows and riding to hounds. Susan rode her horse Penn Park to the 2005 North American Field Hunter Championship.

Susan is an ANRC Level 5 Rider, National Judge, and Steward who serves on the ANRC board as well as the USHJA Youth Council.




Susan's Video Topics:

Interview with Trainer Susan Deal

Susan Deal is one of the most accomplished trainers of young riders in the US. As a USHJA Certified Category 1 Trainer, she works year-round, taking students to shows and riding to hounds. In this video interview, learn how Susan got her start, those that influenced her life and her journey that brought her to start her own training facility, Grovespring Farm. In addition to running her very busy training/boarding facility, Susan is an ANRC Level 5 Rider, National Judge, and Steward who serves on the ANRC board as well as the USHJA Youth Council.

Running Time: 3 minutes and 53 seconds

Proper Use of the Stick and a Safety Precaution Every Rider Should Know

In this handy free video tidbit, Susan Deal (USHJA Certified Trainer, Judge & Steward) demonstrates the proper use of the stick as a back up to the leg aid or to correct a disobedience to the leg aid. New riders, particularly young children on ponies, often lack the leg strength to effectively encourage forward momentum, so correct stick use is a must for beginners. Susan also gives us a very important safety tip concerning the stick that could prevent a rider from being pulled off their horse.

Running Time: 1 mintue and 13 seconds

Types of Ponies to Use When Teaching a Young Rider

Introduction to Susan Deal's "Forward Riding Series - Exercises for a Rider's First Year"

Susan Deal, USHJA certified trainer and National Judge, utilizes a classical system of teaching that takes young riders from their fist lesson all the way through their first year of riding. In this video series Susan shares her strategies for developing good riders as well as good horsemen. She offers insightful techniques from the teacher’s perspective, covering all the riding milestones from the first lesson through jumping courses. This collection of videos is a compressive guideline with step-by-step instructions for teachers and students alike.  

In this introduction to her video series, Susan shows us what type of horse/pony is best for teaching young students to ride. Susan finds it important to use a well-educated horse and one that has been trained in the forward system of riding. All ponies need to have quiet dispositions and not be easily spooked. Matching up the right horse and rider is key because properly mounted students can learn as much from the horse as they can from the trainer. Susan shows us some of the ponies she uses for the different stages of riding and also for the different body types of riders.

Running Time: 2 minutes and 42 seconds

When to Graduate from Jodhpurs to Tall Boots

In this free tidbit, Susan discusses the right time for young riders to go from a look we typically associate with ponies to the more sophisticated, older look of tall boots.

Running Time: 1 minute and 44 seconds

Where to Hold the Reins in 2 Point Position

Another great free video tidbit from ANRC Level 5 Rider, National Judge, and Steward Susan Deal! Often new riders need a guide in order to adjust the reins to the appropriate length.  This quick tip shows how strategically placed knots in the reins can be an invaluable tool to instill the proper feel of hand/mouth connection. These knots can replace colored reins when showing or hunting and also give a rider something to hold on to to keep them from slipping.

Running Time: 57 seconds