As a Horseman, Bernie is renowned for not only his riding talents but for his teaching and coaching gifts. As a competitor, Bernie has represented the United States Equestrian Team both at home and abroad on many occasions and reached the top of the sport in all 3 of the International Equestrian Olympic disciplines: Show Jumping, Dressage, and Eventing. In 2009 he was inducted into the National Show Hunter Hall of Fame. In 2010 the California Professional Horsemen's Association honored him with their Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2012 he was awarded the USHJA President’s Distinquished Service Award. He is recognized as a legend in the sport. As a teacher and trainer, he is one of the most sought after clinicians in the country today. His talent for teaching goes back to his roots where he was fortunate enough to have been educated by some of the very best Master Instructors this country and the world have to offer. He served as the West Coastʼs associate Chef d’ Equip to George H. Morris, the former Chef d’ Equip of the United States Olympic Equestrian Team. After amassing over 60 years worth of training and riding techniques and experiences with thousands of horses, Bernie is driven to give back to the sport that has given him so much fulfillment and success.  Click here to learn more about Bernie.





Fundamentals of Flatwork - Part 3 - Advanced

The Advanced level further illustrates Bernie’s modern, refined and simplified approach. If your goal is a higher level of performance or to achieve a greater brilliance and quality of gait, this video is for you.

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Running Time: 51 minutes and 16 seconds (divided into chapters).

Fundamentals of Flying Changes

Here is an in depth look at the building blocks that are required for a perfectly executed flying change. In this topic Bernie breaks down and examines each component of a flying change and demonstrates exercises that will give your horse every opportunity to change leads on cue.

Running Time: 16 minutes and 32 seconds

Gaining Lower Leg Mobility

Here’s a simple, but seldom practiced technique to improve lower leg functionality and position. In this topic, Bernie demonstrates an exercise he uses to encourage stability in the tack and to prevent the toppling effect of an improperly placed or weak lower leg.

Running Time: 4 minutes 21 seconds

Getting And Keeping The Dull Horse In Front Of Your Leg

Is your horse dull to your leg? Are you constantly nagging your horse with your spur? Are there worn patches on your horse’s side from heels that are constantly asking for forward momentum? Bernie has the solution.

Running Time: 15 minutes and 8 seconds

Help For The Habitual Circler

We’ve all done it ... you’re headed toward a fence, you don’t see a distance, indecision overwhelms you, panic blinds you and you CIRCLE! In this topic Bernie takes a look at this frustrating tendency that can easily evolve into a really bad habit. He provides the rider with exercises that help you overcome that moment of doubt and fight your way out of a circle.

Running Time: 10 minutes and 14 seconds

How Idle Dice Met Rodney Jenkins

Hear the story of Bernie’s connection to one of the greatest grand prix horses this country has known, the first horse inducted into the Show Jumping Hall of Fame, Idle Dice. In the late 1960’s Bernie played a critical role in the pairing of the dynamic duo, Idle Dice and Rodney Jenkins, and the rest is history.

Running Time: 4 minutes and 53 seconds

Click here to view the video: A Tribute to the Thoroughbred Sport Horse

How to Hold Two Reins

In this quick tip segment Bernie demystifies holding two reins when using a pelham.

Click Here To Learn How To Put Two Reins On A Bit

Running Time: 5 minutes and 4 seconds

Hunters Past and Present

A fun and interactive webinar with vintage and current video presentations and discussion of the great hunters of the past, present, and how the sport has evolved. An all-star cast of riders, trainers, and large R judges join Julie and Bernie with entertaining anecdotes and answers to attendee's questions. Your panelists for this event are renowned horsemen John French, Peter Pletcher, Archie Cox, and Ronnie Beard.

Running Time: 1 hour 28 minutes

Improving Your Flying Changes

A lot of issues can crop up that result in less than perfect flying changes. Perhaps your horse anticipates or is anxious, has late changes, or uncontrollable changes like swapping in lines. Bernie has some tips to address all these issues and more.

Running Time: 21 minutes and 9 seconds

In the Spotlight Interview

Bernie sits down with renowned trainer, coach and judge, Ronnie Beard, to reminisce about the glory days of Winter Place Farm. The opulent facility was way ahead of its time and the horses and riders that emerged from there would become legends. It was nothing but the best for Mr. Caine, the farm’s owner, and he turned to Ronnie to make his dreams of showcasing champion horses and world class riders come true.

Running Time: 21 minutes and 44 seconds