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Julie B. Winkel
Jumpers • Hunters • Equitation

Julie Winkel has been a licensed Hunter, Equitation, Hunter Breeding and Jumper judge since 1984. She has officiated at prestigious events such as Devon, Harrisburg, Washington International, Capital Challenge, The Hampton Classic and Upperville Horse Shows.  She has designed the courses and judged the ASPCA Maclay Finals, The USEF Medal Finals and The New England Equitation Finals.

Julie has trained and shown hunters and jumpers to the top level, nationally as well as internationally. She was a winner of multiple Grand Prix competitions and many Hunter championships during her career.

Ms. Winkel sits on the Board Of Directors for USHJA is the Chair of the USHJA Judges Committee, serves as co-chair for Officials Committee for the USHJA, serves on National Hunter committee, is the co-chair of the Licensed Officials Committee for the USEF as well as Chair of Continuing Education. She serves on the Trainer Certification Program committee for the USHJA, the  Zone 10 Jumper Committee, as well as the Emerging Athlete Program committee, and Trainer Symposium committee.

Julie owns and operates Maplewood, Inc. in Reno, NV. which is a 150  acre training, sales and breeding facility, standing her two Grand Prix jumpers-Osilvis and Cartouche Z. She gives clinics and judges throughout the country and writes a monthly column  for PRACTICAL HORSEMAN’S “Conformation Clinic.”

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Julie's Video Topics:

Application of the Aids

Julie Winkel talks about the system she teaches for applying aids that produces seamless transitions and invisible, harmonious communication between rider & horse.

Running Time: 17 minutes and 37 seconds

Equitation Insights Webinar

Q&A Webinar with Julie Winkel, Bernie Traurig, and guest Stacia Klein Madden. The first of a series of one hour fun and informative webinars for all riders and coaches. This webinar is dedicated to Equitation and will include video examples of some of our top Equitation winners along with footage of training techniques designed to advance the level of your riding and/or coaching skills.

Running Time: 1 hour and 8 minutes

Videos referenced in this topic:

Building Blocks to a Great Position: Part 1

Building Blocks to a Great Position: Part 5 To Sit or Not to Sit

Exercises To Increase Heel Depth

Getting And Keeping The Dull Horse In Front Of Your Leg

From the Judge's Perspective for the IEA

This is a unique, informative, fun, and interactive webinar with photos, videos, and insights for IEA riders.

Co-hosts Julie Winkel and Bernie Traurig are joined by Nancy Kohler-Cunningham, IEA President and USEF ‘r’ Judge, and Megan D. Taylor, also a ‘r’ Judge, who serves as moderator for this special event.

Running Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Link to Video Referenced in this Webinar: Visualization Presented by Grand Prix veteran, Susie Hutchison & Mental Skills Coach, Tonya Johnston


Hunters Past and Present

A fun and interactive webinar with vintage and current video presentations and discussion of the great hunters of the past, present, and how the sport has evolved. An all-star cast of riders, trainers, and large R judges join Julie and Bernie with entertaining anecdotes and answers to attendee's questions. Your panelists for this event are renowned horsemen John French, Peter Pletcher, Archie Cox, and Ronnie Beard.

Running Time: 1 hour 28 minutes

Martingales - Usage & Fitting with Julie Winkel

Martingales are a staple tack accessory utilized by many across multiple equine disciplines. Here is a topic to sharpen your knowledge about these handy devices. Julie Winkel outlines the appropriate use, in daily practice and in accordance with horse show rules, and proper adjustment of standing and running martingales. 

Self Carriage

Self carriage is the horse’s ability to carry himself on his own without relying on the rider for balance or connection. In this topic Julie Winkel gives her students a series of exercises designed to develop the self carriage of a young horse.

Running Time: 28 minutes and 37 seconds

Shortening And Lengthening Exercises Over Jumps

Join Julie Winkel & her students as they demonstrate exercises designed to shorten & lengthen the horse’s stride within lines. Julie discusses strategies to execute lines that present different types of distance challenges. Practice of these exercises provides additional benefits that include improved rider/horse communication and sharpening of the rider’s eye.

Running Time: 27 minutes and 19 seconds

The Medal & Maclay From The Judge's Perspective Webinar

Find out what the judges are looking for in our webinar, The Medal & Maclay from the Judge’s Perspective. This is an interactive webinar with video presentations of past winners, along with analysis, discussion, and Q&A. Co-hosts Bernie Traurig and Julie Winkel are joined by Scott Hofstetter, Maclay Finals Winner, Medal Finals judge, top professional Hunter rider, clinician, and R judge and Cynthia Hankins, Medal Finals Winner, Medal Finals judge, trainer, clinician, and R judge.

1 Hour and 48 Minutes

The Nature of the Horse

We all know the basics -  a horse is  a hoofed herbivore that congregates in herds. But a better understanding of the design of the horse and how they have evolved to survive in nature can actually enrich our relationships with our own equine partners. In this topic Julie Winkel follows a band of wild horses in Reno, Nevada as they make their daily stop at a water source to enjoy some refreshment and exhibit their inherent horsiness.  Julie offers a wealth of knowledge that not only explains the advantages of horses’ acquired traits, but yields insight to a more cohesive horse/human bond.

Running time: 12 minutes and 46 seconds

Thinking Like a Horse

To effectively communicate with your horse, there has to be a mutual understanding within the partnership. This understanding, in large part, stems from the rider’s ability to accurately read his or her horse. In this topic, Julie Winkel teaches us to accurately interpret the various expressions and behaviors horses use to convey their state of mind.

Running Time: 12 minutes and 46 seconds