The Evolution of Modern Equitation & Classical Riding


Once again, Bernie was honored to judge the 2nd Annual American Tradition of Excellence Equitation Challenge, presented by Whitethorne at Blenheim EquiSports during the June Classic 3. This year he judged with Geoff Teall to pin this educational class with a unique format ( Bernie produced the following video for the interactive Q & A session where riders & trainers were able to pick the brains of the panel. Bernie put together this evolutionary journey of the American Forward Seat to provide this latest generation of riders with some valuable context and history.

Running Time: 29 minutes and 29 seconds


Bernie Traurig - Click here to view his bio and other video topics
George Morris - Click here for his bio and other video topics
Bill Steinkraus

Bertalan de Nemethy - click here for his bio and other video topics
Ellen Raidt Lordi

Bert Bobrovniczky

Special thanks to the following sources for generously providing the exceptional video footage and photographs:
Mason Phelps


USEF Network

Elaine Wessel/

Annan Hepner/Phelps Media Group

Rebecca Walton/



Carl Klein

Elizabeth Furth

Tish Quirk

Sarah Harper/Phelps Media Group

Kendall Bierer/

Al Cook

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Kenneth Kraus/PhelpsSports

Taylor Renner/

Lauren Baker/Phelps Media Group

Jennie Carleton
The Chronicle of the Horse
Noelle Floyd
George Axt
La Gazzetta dello Sport
Jayne Huddleston
Callie Clement/Phelps Sports
Bob Foster
Barre Dukes/Phelps Sports
Caroline Nickolaus/Phelps Media Group
Gordon Wright



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