Federico Caprilli


Federico Caprilli

Federico Caprilli introduced his system of forward riding into the Italian Cavalry School in 1904.

In Italy at the turn of the 20th century, a completely new system evolved at the Italian Cavalry School under a Cavalry officer named Federico Caprilli. The Caprilli system, introduced in 1904, and completely adopted by the Cavalry School by 1907, set the foundation for the modern forward riding system. Riders were now being taught to follow the forward motion of the horse with their balance in the stirrups, rather than the seat. Caprilli believed that “the rider’s chief aim must be to respond to all changes of balance by following the movements of the horse.”

He was not in favor of collection and taught riders to be in balance with their horse’s natural forward balance. While jumping, Caprilli said, “A horse approaching the obstacle should learn not to fear the action of the rider. He should be persuaded that the rider will always give him the freedom to jump and will not interfere or hurt him to no purpose.”


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