Free Thoroughbred Training Sessions With Bernie Traurig

Ask Bernie

Are You in the Southern California Area and Need Some Help Training Your Thoroughbred?

Perhaps there is an issue you can’t solve, or you could use some help structuring a systematic schooling program for your Thoroughbred. If so, this is the perfect opportunity for you.


Where are the training sessions held? At the EquestrianCoach Ranch in San Marcos, CA on a limited basis to a few lucky members for a FREE one-on-one training session with Bernie. Please note: The training sessions are held San Marcos, CA (San Diego County) so please only apply if you can trailer your horse to this location.

What is the goal of this program? This is one part of our effort to increase awareness of Thoroughbred availability in the U.S. and support the organizations that are making real progress reintegrating this breed back into the mainstream of our Equestrian Sport. Realizing that not a lot of people have experience training Thoroughbreds these days, will be filming and offering these FREE training sessions on our website in hopes of spreading awareness of the breed and providing training tips for those who acquire them.

Who can apply? Any member of (Lifetime, Annual, or Monthly). Sessions are for jumping disciplines only (hunter, jumper, eventing) and the TB must be between 4 and 9 years of age.

Do I have to be from Southern California to apply? No, that is not a requirement. However, you must trailer in your own horse. We do not provide leased horses and do not pay for any travel costs or expenses incurred.

What is required to apply? You will need to describe what you would like to accomplish in detail using the form below and submit a video of you riding your TB as part of the review process. The video will need to be placed on YouTube with the link provided in the form below. Your video will not be shared without your permission.

Will all training sessions be filmed? Yes. By participating in our TB Training session, you agree to be filmed and have your training session appear on our websites.

If I apply, is there a guarantee I will be chosen? No. Only a select few will be chosen.

How long is the training session? This is horse specific, but generally about 1 1/2 hours.

What are the dates of the training sessions? Sessions are scheduled around Bernie’s availability. If you are chosen, we will work with you to find a day that is best for all involved.



Apply for a FREE Thoroughbred Training Session with Bernie:


Only members of can apply (Lifetime, Annual or Monthly)


Please upload a video of your riding your TB for the review process to YouTube and provide the link here. Note: To make your video so only we can see it, select “unlisted” when you upload. This will ensure your video will only be seen by us. Do not set it "private" or we will not be able to view it.

Please describe in detail what issues you are having with your horse and/or what you want to accomplish with a training session.