Member Exclusive - FREE Monthly Virtual Clinics With Bernie

Video Concierge Service

A FREE Virtual Clinic With Bernie and Members are Eligible to Participate!

Bernie is ready to analyze you & your horse during his special monthly Zoom video conferences. Every month, up to two members (see rules below) will be selected to participate and share videos of their riding. This will be a completely interactive experience for chosen participants, with questions answered and video homework suggestions. And the best part? It's FREE! Even if you are not selected, the information will be valuable for all watching on live social network platforms and they will be recorded and archived in our library.



Before you submit, here are the rules. Make sure you agree before you fill out the form below.

1) We need a minimum of 3 videos of you riding (up to 5 can be submitted) no longer than 3 minutes each. One flat, one schooling, one showing with each video not to exceed three minutes. Please put the videos on YouTube as "unlisted" and provide the links in the form below. Please do not make them "private" or we will not be able to view them.

2) By submitting, you agree to take part in our monthly webinar (on camera) which will be broadcast live over social networks and archived on

3) Submitting does not guarantee you will be selected. Only a few people will be selected each month and it will be at our discretion. We will not be able to let you know why you were not selected.

4) You must be a Annual Member or have been a Monthly Subscriber for at least a year to be considered.


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