Pony Club Clinic With Bernie Part 1 - Flat Phase


A Session with Colorado's Roaring Fork Hounds Pony Club.  Bernie Traurig teaches C & D Level Pony Club Members in a two part clinic session.

Click here for part two of this series, Pony Club Clinic With Bernie Part 2 - Jumping Phase

Running Time: 19 minutes and 23 seconds


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Cleo Mueller
James Bantis
Kit Cunningham
Leah Scholl
“Tigerʼs Eye”
“Sweet Dreams”
“Indian Dancer”
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Equine activities can be hazardous and may subject participants to injury. Neither Equestrian Coach, LLC nor Bernie Traurig assume liability for your activities. This program provides general instructions and techniques that may not be suitable for everyone. No warranty is given regarding suitability of these instructions to the viewer.