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Robin Waugaman
Jumpers and Hunters

At the tender age of 2, Robin started riding on the Tohono O’odham Indian reservation in Sells, Arizona and soon thereafter, could be found galloping bareback over and around homemade obstacles and enjoying long backpacking rides exploring the amazing countryside of the western United States from the back of her beloved mustang cross mare Sissy. This relationship would forever imprint a goal for her to strive to for all of her life and for herself and her students. A relationship that embodies the absolute trust between horse and rider, and a desire to connect that relationship back with nature.

She began her competitive and young horse development career early. At the age of 5 she was competing in 3’ Hunter divisions and by10 she had saddled and ridden her first mustang. Her family moved to Pennsylvania where she began to refine her forward seat riding style competing in the junior jumpers and medal classes. She went on to move to Austin, Texas and later to Davis, California where she studied Evolutionary Ecology and Entomology. There one of her greatest joys was in she teaching natural history of animals and plants to college students in field courses in the high Sierras and Coast range. This academic side has always driven her insatiable desire to learn the inner workings of anything that had to do with horses and eventually she came back to dedicating her life to learning about them. She has been incredibly fortunate over the years to have worked with many wonderful horseman across many different disciplines.

Robin Waugaman with horsesShe had made it her goal to integrate the best of these ideas into a method of training that is based in relational and neuro-scientific understanding of how the horse learns with a french classical dressage based training, as well as jumping gymnastic exercises, and work on different terrains and surfaces to develop the horses muscular skeletal strength and self carriage.

She continues to refine her art of working with horses in this way in the rehabilitation and development of performance horses. Her goal is to help riders develop empathy, confidence, and self-sufficiency for themselves and their horses and to treasure the incredible gift of a deeper relationship with a healthy well balanced equine partner.





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