Paul Cronin Testimonial

Paul Cronin BookPaul Cronin"Bernie Traurig is an exceptionally talented and successful National/International rider and trainer who shares with us his system of riding and schooling horses. These high quality video presentations are brimming with straightforward instruction, excellent demonstrations, and insightful comments.  They are a valuable resource for teachers, serious riders, and for a range of Educational Equestrian Programs. Based on the American Forward Riding System, is currently the most important contribution to college equine-education curricula in this 21st century. With his focus being toward a quality performance over jumps as the main objective in his flatwork schooling, Traurig shows us, step by step, the modern schooling of the horse to improve movement, balance, and agility.  His riders illustrate correct position, based upon the stirrup, and effective aids on the flat, as well as over fences. 


Throughout, we see the rider’s controls applied and demonstrated in a technique appropriate to the level of schooling being demonstrated.

Riders from Novice to Advanced will find this complete system of Riding and Schooling invaluable."

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Equestrian Coach Testimonial


"Equestrian Coach is an invaluable resource for both amateurs and professionals. Bernie has taken his brilliantly simple common sense horsemanship and conveys it in a way that can be useful to riders and instructors of all levels. His knowledge combined with the insight from some of the leading riders and trainers today has provided me with a trustworthy source to which I can refer for any question that I may have, as well as for my continuing education."

- Kate Gerhart




Jenni McAllister Testimonial





“I sat down to watch one video, and an hour later I had watched about five,” said Steve McAllister of Martin McAllister Training about his introduction to “Jenni and I told all our clients that they need to subscribe, and that first night of viewing videos I signed up for a year. Bernie supports what we teach, and I learned things that will help me coach my riders better and prepare my horses better.”

- Jenni Martin McAllister representing the U.S. in Gijon, Spain 2006






Jenni McAllister Testimonial




Having previously had the honor of doing clinics with bernie ,i am so excited to have all of his knowledge at my finger tips. every time i have ridden with him i become a better rider. he always puts the horses well being first,so i know that whatever he is teaching me is of maximum benefit to my horse and i as a team.. there is no better deal than to sign up for this site. i logged in last night and have already watched 5 videos....! cant wait to practice with my new baby horse.. . thanks so much bernie.

- Alison Dyer





Nick Ellis Testimonial


It is exciting to see a rider of Bernie Traurig’s caliber and knowledge providing the global equestrian world with a “user friendly” internet based system for schooling the horse and rider. This site with its high quality video segments and rational progression for the development of both horse and rider is a powerful resource for all equestrians regardless of level or discipline. Additionally, Equestrian brings in outside experts to supplement Bernie’s fundamental training philosophy with current trends or new approaches to resolving problems. Hence, the site is not a static source of information but a very dynamic source of information which will grow with time as additional information is identified and added.

-Nick Ellis

Brian Wee Testimonial


"I wanted to contact you because I have gotten a tremendous benefit from the very short amount of time that I have been using I am riding ten young horses a day for a breeder/dealer in Germany, and they have responded wonderfully to your flatwork system.  It's so simple and clear for them to understand, and I have seen immediate results and so has my boss. is brilliant.  Its amazing that I can basically learn your system while I am in another country.  And its way better than a book.  Thank you for creating it."

- Brian Wee



Melanie Testimonial




"I am so excited to have as an extension of my training program. What a wonderful tool for myself and my students. Well worth the wait!"

- Melanie Pervier




Michelle Testimonial



"I have been showing in the Hunter/Jumper ring for 8 years and riding for 9. I currently ride show jumpers at the Grand Prix level thanks to Bernie's system. I study between 1-3 videos on two nights a week. When I finish with a video, I watch it all over again and find that I learn something new after each viewing. The videos on are easy to understand and I get to work at my own pace with each individual horse, from barley broke to Grand Prix level. I personally recommend Equestrian Coach to anyone who wants to become a better rider at any level. Thank you Bernie for sharing your incredible horse knowledge and riding system with me and all my barn friends."

- Michelle Ebert





"I'm pleased to see that someone has finally done an instructional video on safely adjusting stirrups/girth when mounted.  Seeing riders do it the wrong way has always been a pet peeve of mine."                                                                              

- Wendy Hunt




"Great for us in Chile so far away from top Clinic Instructors." 

- Andrea Mardones


 "What a terrific site... It's like being able to enroll in the  "Jumper University" of my dreams... "

- Lee Ann Morgan


"What a great job you have done, I especially like the part where you include another rider along with you on your personal video sections. Chock full of info, many require multiple reviews to let it all sink in. Outstanding opportunity for horsemen when classical instruction opportunities are few and far between. Soup to Nuts including recipes."

 - Jo Ann Schwartz


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