Will Simpson




Will Simpson is a Grand Prix celebrity, riding at the top of the sport for many years. His Gold Medal winning round on Carlsson Vom Dach in the 2008 Beijing Olympics is the crowning achievement of his career - thus far! Will's enthusiasm for the sport spills over into his Guest Coach segments, where his charisma and charm make for a dynamic learning experience.






Will Simpson


Q: What got you riding and when?
A: 11 years old, I tried every sport under the sun.

Q: Where did your equestrian education begin?
A: Sangamon Valley Pony Club in Springfield, Illinois.

Q: Your first horse?
A: Glenda Jo, a 15.3 hand thoroughbred mare. She won 8 out of 8 classes at two different shows. She is why I ride today!

Q: What inspired you to become a professional?
A: I love the outdoor life and wanted to be a cowboy.

Q: Have you tried any other disciplines?
A: I like reining horses.

Q: Best moment on a horse?
A: Jumping the last jump in the Olympic Games clear for the Gold! 


John FrennchQ: Who have been your mentors?
A: George Morris, Rodney Jenkins and Bernie Traurig.

Q: Best time or place to ride?
A: Out on the trail.

Q: Your philosophy as a horseman?
A: Try to help the horse understand his job.

Q: Do you have any of your own horses?
A: I like to own a horse or two at a time.

Q: Career aside, non horsey accomplishments or interests?
A: Father of two - daughter, Sophie and son, Ty. BBQing the best ribs west of the Mississippi! Now if I could only play the guitar!

Q: Charities or causes you care about?

Q: Your inspiration to ride and teach?
A: The horse, there is always something to learn from the horse.




  • 2008 Olympics Show Jumping Team Gold Medal on Carllson Vom Dach.
  • 5 time World Cup Finalist.
  • Winner of over 75 Grand Prixs.
  • Held the World Wall Record 7'9 1/4 for 10 years.
  • Currently holds the North American High Jump Record. 

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