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Getting To Know The Unfamiliar Horse
Coach: Will Simpson

Will Simpson demonstrates the exercises he uses to get acquainted with any new horse that arrives in his barn. With safety in mind, Will starts this process from the ground in order to better assess his new horse before getting in the saddle.

Running Time: 15 minutes and 52 seconds

Gina Miles - An Interview Featuring Her 2007 Badminton Round Aboard McKinlaigh
Coach: Gina Miles

Get to know Gina Miles as she takes us along during her exciting 2007 cross country round at the world famous Badminton Horse Trials.  In this in depth interview, you’ll learn about her inspiring journey with her magnificent partner, McKinlaigh, that culminated in an Individual Eventing Silver Olympic medal in 2008.  

Running Time:  21 minutes and 4 seconds.

Ground Lines
Coach: Archie Cox

As the trainer of champions at the most prestigious horse shows in the country, Archie Cox has a talent for instilling confidence in his students and horses as well as achieving superior performance. In this topic Archie produces the horse’s best jump possible by modifying ground lines to enhance his bascule over the fence.

Running Time: 19 minutes and 45 seconds

Ground Manners
Coach: Jose Alejos

Did your horse fail charm school? Does he ignore your personal space or get mouthy when you have to handle him from the ground? Learn Jose Alejos’ methods to earn respect from your equine partner.

Running Time: 6 minutes and 20 seconds

Coach: Damian Gardnier

Irish Olympian, Damian Gardiner, shares his expertise on hackamores. If you are considering trying a hackamore on your horse, get Damian’s advice on type and fit in this great topic.

Running Time: 7 minutes and 56 seconds

Help For The Habitual Circler
Coach: Bernie Traurig

We’ve all done it ... you’re headed toward a fence, you don’t see a distance, indecision overwhelms you, panic blinds you and you CIRCLE! In this topic Bernie takes a look at this frustrating tendency that can easily evolve into a really bad habit. He provides the rider with exercises that help you overcome that moment of doubt and fight your way out of a circle.

Running Time: 10 minutes and 14 seconds

Holistic Dentistry
Coach: Heather Mack

Part Two of a series that sheds light on the often overlooked Temporo-Mandibular Joint. In this video Dr. Heather Mack describes and demonstrates her approach to equine dentistry, with an emphasis on restoring biomechanical function & comfort to the TMJ.

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Running Time: 11 minutes and 42 seconds

Horse Fitness - Developing a Base of Endurance
Coach: Denny Emerson

As a Tevis Cup buckle winner in endurance, Denny Emerson is uniquely qualified to set forth a fitness plan for your horse. Additionally, decades of experience as an eventing World Champion give him just a little credibility on the subject as well! The key is to begin with LONG SLOW MILES (LSM) to develop a base of physical fitness that will ensure a sound, solid and sustainable athletic progression for you and your horse.

Running Time: 10 minutes and 48 seconds

Horse Show Prep
Coach: Bill Cooney

Bill Cooney shares his techniques for preparing a horse prior to a horse show.  He demonstrates how stabilizing the horse’s gaits with loose rein work in conjunction with voice aids results in a soft and mentally relaxed horse.

Running Time: 15 minutes and 8 seconds

Horse-Rider Compatibility
Coach: Leslie Howard

In order to determine compatibility between horse and rider, Olympian Leslie Howard examines the factors that affect a horse’s preferred way of going as well as the variables that contribute to a rider’s particular style. She discusses how the rider’s use of hands, leg and seat can positively or negatively influence things like the horse’s level of impulsion, stride length and poll elevation.

Running Time: 8 minutes and 4 seconds