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Third Level Dressage
Coach: Debbie McDonald

The movements in Third Level are designed to show greater engagement, straightness, bending, suppleness, throughness, balance and self-carriage than at Second Level.  In this topic, Debbie McDonald and her student take a young Andalusian through exercises appropriate for a horse at this level and practice riding a Third Level Test.

Running Time:  22 minutes and 56 seconds


Tim McQuay & Tom McCutcheon - In The Spotlight Interview - Short Version
Coach: Tom McCutcheon, Tim McQuay

Get to know Tim McQuay & Tom McCutcheon from their introduction to the sport of reining to their biggest influences.  In this interview, veteran reiners, Tim and his son-in-law Tom, talk about the experiences, the people and the horses that have helped shape their stellar careers.

This is a condensed version of this interview. Click here for the full version, which is available to members or on a pay-per-view basis.

Running Time: 2 minutes and 16 seconds

TMJ Awareness
Coach: Heather Mack

Part One of a series where Dr. Heather Mack sheds light on the often overlooked Temporo-Mandibular Joint. She explains its biomechanical significance, how to recognize TMJ discomfort in your horse, and what can be done to alleviate TMJ related issues.

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Running Time: 20 minutes and 20 seconds

Tom McCutcheon Gives Bernie Traurig a Lesson
Coach: Bernie Traurig, Tom McCutcheon

2011 FEI World Reining Finals Champion & 2010 World Equestrian Games Reining Individual & Team Gold medalist, Tom McCutcheon gives Bernie his first lesson on a reining horse.

Running Time: 18 minutes and 35 seconds

Trailer Loading the Difficult Horse
Coach: Jose Alejos

For anyone who has endured the frustration of a horse that won’t load, this video is a must see. Jose Alejos has a refreshing approach that fosters confidence and calmness in both the horse and the handler.

Running Time: 21 minutes and 3 seconds

Training Level Dressage
Coach: Debbie McDonald

The movements in Training Level are designed to show that the horse is supple, willing to move freely forward while accepting contact with the bit. This is often the starting point of a horse’s Dressage career. In this topic, Debbie McDonald and her student, 2012 London Olympian Adrienne Lyle, take a young horse through exercises appropriate for a horse at this level and practice riding parts of a Training Level Test.

Running Time 26 minutes and 35 seconds

Training the OTTB Horse
Coach: Bernie Traurig member, Adult Amateur Jumper rider Stacy, reached out to us to get training help from Bernie for her off the track Thoroughbred horse, Diesel. Before the training session, Bernie familiarized himself with the duo by watching a video of them on course, determining what issues needed to be addressed. It became apparent that Stacy was having trouble maintaining an even pace on course, that Diesel avoided contact and wouldn’t use his neck over the jumps and got quite hot, occasionally bucking and evading the bit, between the fences. Watch as Bernie returns to basics with this team, using the simplicity of the Forward Riding System to re-school this horse and provide valuable tips for Stacy to apply at home. 

Running Time: 33 minutes and 42 seconds

Click here for "Training the OTTB Horse - Session Two"

If you are a member that owns a Thoroughbred in the Southern California area and are interested in participating in a FREE TB Training Session with Bernie, click here for more details.

Training the OTTB Horse - Session Two
Coach: Bernie Traurig

Training Level Eventer and member, Kristen Schalck, gets a free training session from Bernie with her 9 year old OTTB (Off The Track Thoroughbred), JC. Watching the show jumping round Kristen presented, Bernie got a sense of just how he could help them. Kristen had some lower leg stability issues and JC had a tendency to get a bit too aggressive at the jumps, particularly in combinations, and jump past the arc. Tapping into his reservoir of knowledge gained through many years of experience with Thoroughbred horses, Bernie introduces them to the Kusner Gymnastic. This exercise proves to successfully back up JC over the jumps, while allowing Kristen to perfect her automatic release, maintaining the contact in the air that so many Thoroughbreds appreciate.

Running Time: 35 minutes and 51 seconds

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If you are a member that owns a Thoroughbred in the Southern California area and are interested in participating in a FREE TB Training Session with Bernie, click here for more details. 

Triple Bars
Coach: Bernie Traurig

Do you consider triple bars to be freebies on course or are they your nemesis? In this topic Bernie discusses and demonstrates the various elements to take into account when presented with a triple bar, such as pace, balance, impulsion and take off distance.

Running Time: 12 minutes and 53 seconds

Turning Over Fences with Timing & Technique
Coach: Bernie Traurig

As implied by the title, this video examines the components of turning in the air. The ability to successfully turn over a fence without compromising your horse’s jump is crucial in the equitation ring, in handy hunter classes and in most jumper rounds.

Running Time:  16 minutes and 27 seconds