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Common Leg and Hoof Treatments
Coach: Dr. Melodee Ingram

Spend some time with veterinarian, Melodee Ingram, as she takes us step by step through common do-it-yourself leg & hoof treatments. In this topic she discusses and demonstrates the proper procedures for icing, cold hosing, hoof soaking, hoof packing and the application of poultice and sweat wraps.

Running Time: 18 minutes and 44 seconds

Conquering Bad Habits - Riding Behind the Vertical
Coach: Bernie Traurig

Watch Brian’s journey from riding behind the vertical, out of sync with his mount, to beautifully riding with the motion of the horse. This summer Brian joined Bernie in Southern California at EquestrianCoach Ranch for an intensive workshop. He traveled all the way from Argentina for the chance to ride twice a day for seven days. This video documents his progress and stamps the merits of the American Forward Riding System. He arrived with a habit of sitting behind the vertical on his approach to the jumps. He had convinced himself that this allowed him more time to find a distance, but it really only served to interfere with the horse’s ability to jump and created various other complications on course.

Total Running Time: 24 minutes and 26 seconds

Controls of the Horse Part One - Rein Aids
Coach: Bernie Traurig

Bernie Traurig demystifies, clarifies and modernizes rein aids and their direct application in the show ring in this video, the first of a two part series. Youʼll learn the proper technique of each rein aid as well as the appropriate circumstances to apply them. By mastering rein aids and using them in conjunction with leg aids, youʼll have a powerful tool at your disposal, resulting in a superior performance. Teaching the rein aids to the horse can be found in the Basic & Intermediate levels of Fundamentals of Flatwork.

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Running Time: 20 minutes and 18 seconds

Controls Of The Horse Part Two - Leg Aids
Coach: Bernie Traurig

Bernie illustrates, for all the basic jumping disciplines, the significance of the correct position & timing of leg aids as a powerful blend with the rein aids. Teaching independent and prompt responsiveness to leg aids will result in clear, effective communication with your horse when used in conjunction with the rein aids for ultimate control in the ring.

View part 1 of the series: Controls of the Horse Part One - Rein Aids

Running Time: 35 minutes and 43 seconds

Could the OTTB Be the Right Horse for You?
Coach: Denny Emerson

Denny Emerson takes a look at a sampling of “off the track Thoroughbreds,” or OTTBs, that have found second careers as sport horses and have proven to be wonderful partners for their new owners. Given that there are great deal of these former race horses to be found and available at great prices, Denny examines the pros and cons when considering an off the track thoroughbred purchase.

Running Time: 10 minutes and 35 seconds

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Counter Canter Over Fences
Coach: Stacia Madden

The counter canter is a common, but challenging test asked of competitors in most equitation and medal classes. As an added benefit, the counter canter is a wonderful exercise for balance and timing. Join Stacia Madden and two of her top students during a counter canter training session over fences that results in the polished performance of both the horse and rider.

Running Time: 21 minutes and 4 seconds

CPHA Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation
Coach: Bernie Traurig

This is the video presentation made by the California Professional Horsemen’s Association to commemorate the Lifetime Achievement Award Bernie received in January of 2011. He was privileged to ride the phenomenal horses that appear in this video who were really responsible for this honor.

Running Time: 3 minutes and 24 seconds

Cynthia Hankins' Favorite Flat Exercises
Coach: Cynthia Hankins

Cynthia Hankins, top trainer, clinician and ”R” judge, gives us her personal favorite flat exercises designed to maximize the horse’s rideability and responsiveness while demonstrating the proper execution and form of the American Hunter/Jumper Forward Riding System.

Running Time: 16 mintues and 51 seconds

Daily Flatting Tips
Coach: Alice Debany Clero

Dubai Show Jumping coach, Alice Debany Clero, is with us again applying her classic, methodical approach to daily flatwork. If you find your flatwork to be uninspired, watch the exercises Alice uses every day as a blueprint for your own program. With Alice’s system, the rider’s basics are rehearsed every single day and their “jumping muscles” are reinforced without causing any concussion to the horse. Additionally, the horse is daily encouraged to have fun being adjustable and rideable with consistent rewards.

Total running time: 22 minutes and 19 seconds

Topic referred to in this video: Air Time - Getting Tight In The Tack Over Jumps With Zazou Hoffman


Daily Grooming Routine for Equestrians
Coach: Natasha Traurig Ferrara

Here is Natasha's daily grooming routine and care for her horses. These are some of her favorite products and tools she has used and trusted for years to make her horse’s coat shiny and well cared for.