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Daily Pole Exercises
Coach: Armando Hassey

Armando Hassey shares three of his favorite pole exercises he uses every day to help develop the horse’s rhythm and adjustability while honing the rider’s eye. 

If you liked this video and want to learn more about adjusting your horses stride over jumps check out Julie Winkel's Shortening and Lengthening Exercises over Jumps.

Running Time: 15 minutes and 3 seconds

Demystifying the Inside Leg to Outside Rein
Coach: Bernie Traurig

These days you hear the phrase “inside leg to outside rein” tossed around in schooling rings and during lessons with surprising regularly, but what does the term really mean? In this topic, Bernie clarifies how we make use of both our hands and both our legs by demonstrating what aids are used in various situations in and out of the show ring.

Running Time: 11 minutes and 39 seconds

Denny Emerson Interview
Coach: Denny Emerson

Get to know US Eventing Association Hall of Fame inductee, Denny Emerson, from his introduction to the sport to his biggest influences. In this interview Denny gives us a synopsis of his amazing career that has spanned over half a century. You will see why he was named "One of the 50 most influential horsemen of the Twentieth Century..." by The Chronicle of the Horse in 2000.

Developing Feeling In Your Arms And Hands
Coach: Val Renihan

In this topic Val Renihan shows us the exercises she uses with her students to encourage arms & hands that are flexible, shock-absorbers that follow the horse's mouth during connection, maintain proper position and are sensitive - in a word, “Feeling.”

Running Time: 9 minutes and 26 seconds

Developing Good Hands
Coach: Bernie Traurig

In this topic Bernie discusses the vital role good hands play in the communication between rider and horse. Tactful, sensitive hands that are used with feeling can be developed using the exercises Bernie presents here.

Running Time: 11 minutes and 10 seconds

Diagonal Issues? Feeling Your Diagonals
Coach: Bernie Traurig

Bernie Traurig takes the frustration out of missed diagonals. With just a bit of practice, you'll be feeling your diagonals with your eyes closed!

Running Time: 3 minutes and 43 seconds

Distance Selection Process
Coach: Will Simpson

Will Simpson unveils the system he uses every time he jumps a fence to create the distance he wants.

If you liked this video and want to learn more about how to find a distance check out Bernie Traurig's three part topic Exercises to Develop a Better Eye.

Running Time: 11 minutes and 11 seconds

Ditches & Water
Coach: Gina Miles

Olympic medalist, Gina Miles thoughtfully guides you and your inexperienced horse through the careful introduction to ditches and water jumps. Ginaʼs process will instill confidence in you and, most importantly, your horse!

Running Time: 14 minutes and 42 seconds

Doing it Right With Archie Cox
Coach: Archie Cox

As a trainer, Archie Cox insists that his pupils have classic basics and continually challenges them to “do it right.” One of his students in particular, husband Jorge Hidalgo Duran, is a perfect example of this. Check out this outstanding thumbnail picture of Jorge at HITS Coachella Desert Circuit 2019 who has been riding just over a year. In this topic Archie demonstrates how deviating from the proper principles of riding adversely affects the horse’s performance.

Running time: 9 minutes and 1 second

Dr. Richard Markell: Behind the Scenes at the 2009 World Cup Finals, Las Vegas
Coach: Dr. Richard Markell

A rare glimpse of the accommodations provided to the equine elite competing at the 2009 World Cup Finals. Dr. Markell has a back stage pass and youʼre invited to go along to see what these jet set horses experience outside the show ring, from air travel to quarantine. 

Running Time: 7 minutes and 8 seconds