Equitation Tips - Legs


Bernie further breaks down equitation to it’s component parts, referencing the great examples of beautiful and effective riding that we saw in our topic, Equitation - An American Tradition of Excellence. This is a series of how-to tips to take your equitation to the next level. We start with the foundation of every rider’s position, the leg.

Running time: 4 minutes and 46 seconds

Links to topics referenced in this video:

Building Blocks to a Great Position: Part 1

Exercises To Increase Heel Depth

Getting And Keeping The Dull Horse In Front Of Your Leg


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Natasha Traurig
Elizabeth Benson
Darragh Kenny
Hayley Barnhill
Genevieve Zock
Michael Hughes
Laura Robertson
Hunter Holloway
McKayla Langmeier
TJ O’Mara
Victoria Colvin

Special thanks to the following sources for generously providing the exceptional video footage and photographs:

Mason Phelps
USEF Network
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Annan Hepner/Phelps Media Group
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Carl Klein
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Sarah Harper/Phelps Media Group
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Lauren Baker/Phelps Media Group
Jennie Carleton

Equine activities can be hazardous and may subject participants to injury. Neither Equestrian Coach, LLC nor Bernie Traurig assume liability for your activities. This program provides general instructions and techniques that may not be suitable for everyone. No warranty is given regarding suitability of these instructions to the viewer.



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