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1959 National Horse Show
George Morris

Enjoy some more nostalgic footage taken by Gordon Wright and narrated by George Morris. This time we step back in time to the pageantry of the National Horse Show in Madison Square Garden during the days of “mink & manure.”

Running Time: 10 mintues and 48 seconds

1959 Pan American Games
George Morris

USA’s Gold Medal win is captured here in another installment from our series narrated by George Morris and inspired by the priceless archival footage of Gordon Wright. The year is 1959 in Chicago’s historic Soldier Field and, as George will tell you, it was very, very hot...

Running Time: 10 minutes and 35 seconds

1960 Rome Olympics
George Morris

Here’s another look back at some priceless archival footage taken by Gordon Wright and narrated by George Morris. This time we see our U.S. Show Jumping Team competing in the Rome Olympics for the silver medal.

Runtime: 4 minutes and 49 seconds


1990 World Cup Finals with Maybe Forever
Bernie Traurig

During the World Cup Finals in Dortmund, Germany in 1990, the young, inexperienced horse, Maybe Forever, was filling in for Bernie's seasoned grand prix horse, Eastern Sunrise, who was out with an injury. Who would have thought he would be the only horse to go double clear over one of the most challenging indoor courses Olaf Petersen has ever designed.

Running Time: 7 minutes and 10 Seconds


A Basic Pole Exercise
Team McAllister

Join training duo, Jenni Martin McAllister & Steve McAllister, as they share some of their favorite exercises for green and seasoned horses alike. Practice these exercises at home and you’ll have a more rideable horse in the show ring.

Running Time: 7 mintues and 17 seconds


A Brief History Of The American Hunter-Jumper Forward Riding System
Bernie Traurig

Bernie Traurig takes us through a brief history of how the American Hunter/Jumper Forward Riding System came to be and some of the masters who brought it to us and shaped its evolution. This video includes a quotation from William Steinkraus, who is not only an Olympic gold medal winning Equestrian, but a scholar and historian as well.

Running Time: 9 mintues and 53 seconds

A Classic Hunter Round From Back In The Day
Bernie Traurig

Bernie Traurig aboard “Circuit Breaker” winning the Working Hunter Classic at Chagrin Valley, Ohio in the late 1970's. Take a step back in time and see how impressive Thoroughbreds were “back in the day!”

Running Time:  1 minute and 34 seconds

A Flat Ride
Archie Cox

On course, all the adjustments made to your track and your pace has to happen seamlessly, almost invisibly. The best place to rehearse these subtle skills you need over fences is on the flat. Join top trainer Archie Cox as he gives his rider a flat school using exercises to enhance the horse’s responsiveness and rideability.

Running Time: 13 mintues and 8 seconds

A Gymnastic For All Jumping Disciplines
Team Glynn

Join Hope and Ned Glynn as they share one of their favorite gymnastics, one that enhances the performance of hunters, jumpers as well as equitation horses. This unique grid is designed to encourage a horse to jump squarely and perform changes of track with balance, suppleness and fluidity. 

Running Time: 13 minutes and 58 seconds

A Lunge Lesson
Val Renihan

One of the best places to focus on the rider is on the lunge line. This video includes and intro by Bernie Traurig who is a big believer in this exercise. Val Renihan explains the many benefits that are achieved with this type of lesson, including enhancing the rider’s feel, strength and flexibility.  She incorporates different exercises that increase the rider’s stability in the tack, encourage the independence of the arms and seat, and build suppleness and core strength.

Running Time: 15 minutes and 15 seconds