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Forward Riding Series Part 3 - Exercises to Improve a Beginner's Riding Position
Susan Deal

Part 3 of Susan Deal's "Forward Riding Series - Exercises for a Rider's First Year"

This is the 3rd installment of Susan Deal’s video series devoted to teaching beginners the fundamentals of  forward riding. In this lesson she focuses on the rider’s position while offering insightful techniques from the teacher’s perspective on how to get the most out of a young or inexperienced equestrian. As a rider you’ll learn proper placement of the foot in the stirrup, how to hold the reins, basic seats, how to avoid clashing aids, tips on how to improve your seat and balance and other basics every equestrian should learn during their first riding lessons.

Running Time: 7 minutes and 37 seconds

Forward Riding Series Part 4 - Learning How To Post The Trot
Susan Deal

Part 4 of Susan Deal's "Forward Riding Series - Exercises for a Rider's First Year"

Susan Deal, top trainer for young riders, takes us through a typical lesson when teaching a new rider to post the trot and use the weight aid. The goal of this video lesson is to get the rider more secure in the saddle. Starting out on the lunge line, Susan has the rider do various exercises to help them keep an even posting rhythm and a strong balance over the leg.

Running Time: 7 minutes and 47 seconds

Forward Riding Series Part 5 - Stretches to Help the Beginning Rider Achieve Proper Position on a Horse
Susan Deal

Part 5 of Susan Deal's "Forward Riding Series - Exercises for a Rider's First Year"

In this 5th video lesson, Susan Deal (ANRC Level 5 Rider, National Judge, and Steward) introduces some stretching exercises to a new rider in order to encourage proper position in the tack. She covers exercises to correct a rider's placement in the saddle and stretching techniques to perfect position both at a standstill and on a lunge line. These exercises will help equestrians of all levels to be more flexible with the horse, move with the horse and feel the horse during the ride. Susan ends with an exercise for relaxation and flexion to release the tension and allow beginners to more easily move with the rhythm of the horse.

Running Time: 12 minutes and 56 seconds

Forward Riding Series Part 7 - The Three Speeds of the Trot
Susan Deal

Part 7 of Susan Deal's "Forward Riding Series - Exercises for a Rider's First Year"

In this video topic, the 7th in Susan Deal's series for teaching beginners, a young rider and her pony experiment with different speeds of the trot. Once a new rider is able maintain the same trot around the ring, you can introduce a stronger trot and shorter trot and then add rails on the ground. This allows the rider to feel the difference in the pony's trot pace and how the stride length is affected. This lesson is the beginning stage of the rider's influence over the horse's gaits.

Running Time: 4 minutes and 57 seconds


Forward Riding Series Part 8 - Riding in a Group: Teaching Riders to Safely Navigate the Arena and Field
Susan Deal

Part 8 of Susan Deal's "Forward Riding Series - Exercises for a Rider's First Year"

Part 8 of Susan Deal's instructional video series starts by providing riders with "the rules of the ring." The proper procedures when riding in an arena with multiple students include: safely passing, awareness of other riders, knowing when to yield, and effectively communicating your actions and intentions to others in the ring. In the second half we move out to the field and Susan discusses keeping the correct distance between ponies when riding in a line and effective communication between riders; especially with regards to dangers on the field, such as holes or branches. These are valuable rules of thumb every new rider should know.

Running Time: 7 minutes and 18 seconds

Forward Riding Series Part 9 - Starting Riders Over Uneven Terrain in the Field & on the Trail
Susan Deal

Part 9 of Susan Deal's "Forward Riding Series - Exercises for a Rider's First Year"

Part 9 of Susan Deal's series for teaching beginners takes students out of the safety zone of the arena and introduces the new challenges that arise in the field and on the trail.

In this video riders learn:
    •    How to go up & down hills at the walk and the trot
    •    Ways to regain control of the pony if the rider feels like they are going to fall off or if the pony bucks
    •    A rider's first walk over a creek
    •    Safely maneuvering across a stream in a group

Running Time: 11 minutes and 54 seconds

Free Schooling
Damian Gardnier

In this topic Irish Olympian, Damian Gardiner, shares his free schooling exercise with us. This is a great way to introduce spooky jumps to a horse before riding.

Running Time: 6 minutes and 8 seconds

From the Judge's Perspective for the IEA
Bernie Traurig & Julie Winkel

This is a unique, informative, fun, and interactive webinar with photos, videos, and insights for IEA riders.

Co-hosts Julie Winkel and Bernie Traurig are joined by Nancy Kohler-Cunningham, IEA President and USEF ‘r’ Judge, and Megan D. Taylor, also a ‘r’ Judge, who serves as moderator for this special event.

Running Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Link to Video Referenced in this Webinar: Visualization Presented by Grand Prix veteran, Susie Hutchison & Mental Skills Coach, Tonya Johnston


Full Body Workout for Equestrians
Natasha Traurig Ferrara

Here is a great full body workout routine that focuses on rider stability and strength.

Full Body Workout for Equestrians 2
Natasha Traurig Ferrara

Natasha gives us another full body workout to keep you strong in the saddle.