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Fixes for Common Issues

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Rehabilitation & Conditioning Equipment for the Equine Athlete

Dr. Holly Schmitt shows us the cutting edge technology that is available today to give sport horses that competitive advantage or bring injured equine athletes back to peak performance.

Running Time: 9 minutes and 4 seconds

Release and Connection
Missy Clark

Missy Clark discusses the importance of the rider's connection to the horse's mouth, particularly the rider's release over the jump. Grand Prix rider, Darragh Kenny, beautifully demonstrates independence of hand and seat while performing advanced releases. 

Running Time: 6 minutes and 20 seconds

Rider Fitness - Exercises While Mounted Part A
Denny Emerson

Join Denny Emerson in this two part series addressing the rider’s fitness. There are no short cuts ... you must RIDE to get in shape to RIDE! But Denny will guide you and he will make it possible for you to achieve your fitness goals. Step one is to become a half seat hero. Make this your default position, relying on your core, abs, quads and calves to keep yourself in balance. In this position you are sparing your horse’s back. With Denny’s strategies, time and perseverance, you will be amazed at your progress and your horse will thank you.

Running Time: 7 minutes and 1 second

Watch the next video in this series: Rider Fitness - Exercises While Mounted Part B

Rider Fitness - Exercises While Mounted Part B
Denny Emerson

In riding there is no escaping this compulsory ability... you will often be called upon to sit the gaits, be it at the trot and certainly at the canter. Denny Emerson joins us with the second part of his Rider Fitness series, explaining and demonstrating strategies to achieve an independent seat. The goal is to develop the strength in your core so you can harmoniously synchronize your seat with the moving back of the horse. This takes practice and fortitude but results in the mastering of a skill required of all good riders - a good seat.

Running Time: 9 minutes and 4 seconds

Watch the first part of this series: Rider Fitness - Exercises While Mounted Part A


Rider's Position Over Fences
Will Simpson

Will Simpson discusses the riderʼs position from take off, over the jump, to landing (or recovery). Will defines the key points to mastering body control over fences, all beautifully demonstrated by Nicki Shahinian-Simpson.

Running Time: 10 minutes and 11 seconds

Riding on the Bit
Bernie Traurig

For some equestrians it is the ultimate goal - to get your horse on the bit and experience that suppleness of poll and jaw, the engagement of the hindquarters, the acceptance of the rider’s hands, that fluid link between horse and rider. In this topic Bernie demonstrates all the different levels of contact with the horse’s mouth and different elevations of the horse’s head and neck that can be considered “on the bit.” He takes into consideration the horse’s conformation and willingness to acquiesce to the required pressure as well as the pit falls of trying to manufacture “on the bit” compliance.

Running Time: 7 minutes and 31 seconds

Riding Specific Exercises for the Gym
Robin Martinez

As a rider, you want your time in the gym to enhance your performance in the saddle. Join rider & fitness expert, Robin Martinez, as she shares exercises specifically designed for the unique requirements of an equestrian athlete.

Also make sure to check out Robin's introduction to her fitness series, The Essential Elements of Fitness, by clicking here.

Running Time: 9 minutes 18 seconds

Riding The Handy
Peter Pletcher

Peter shares some of his secrets to successfully navigating the different elements of a Handy Hunter course. Along with many tips to produce a seamless round, he demonstrates several exercises you can practice at home to prepare for the show ring.

Running Time: 21 minutes

Riding Your Rhythm
Mandy Porter

Learn to make yourself ride with a consistent rhythm, with your horse in front of your leg. Maintaining good rhythm and balance can help dramatically to improve your ride by allowing the jumps to come to you instead of unknowingly changing your rhythm in search of "the perfect distance.” Trust that your horse can jump well from many distances as long as you keep this in mind.

Running Time: 16 minutes and 46 seconds

Rodrigo Pessoa & Lets Fly
Rodrigo Pessoa

Get to know Rodrigo and his great horse HH Let’s Fly while they school over Rodrigo’s favorite gymnastic in preparation for the $231,000 FEI World Cup Grand Prix CSI 4* during week 9 of the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington. This topic focuses on the partnership of horse and rider and features Rodrigo’s play by play of his winning round.

Running Time: 25 minutes and 11 seconds