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Full Body Workout for Equestrians 2
Natasha Traurig Ferrara

Natasha gives us another full body workout to keep you strong in the saddle.

Full-Body Workout for Equestrians with Minimal Equipment
Natasha Traurig Ferrara

A full body workout that focuses on rider fitness that you can do at home with just a box.

Gina Miles - An Interview Featuring Her 2007 Badminton Round Aboard McKinlaigh
Gina Miles

Get to know Gina Miles as she takes us along during her exciting 2007 cross country round at the world famous Badminton Horse Trials.  In this in depth interview, you’ll learn about her inspiring journey with her magnificent partner, McKinlaigh, that culminated in an Individual Eventing Silver Olympic medal in 2008.  

Running Time:  21 minutes and 4 seconds.

Grooming a Healthy Tail
Natasha Traurig Ferrara

Natasha shares her favorite products to keep her horse's tail healthy and shiny.

Grooming Box Essentials
Natasha Traurig Ferrara

What’s in Natasha's grooming box? Here are all of her favorite brushes and products to use for a beautiful coat.

How Professionals Braid
Peggy Thompson

Join A-Circuit professional braider, Peggy Thompson, as she takes us step by step through the braiding of a mane and imparts her secrets to a perfect braid job.

Next video in this series: 

How Professionals Braid - A Tail

Running Time: 18 minutes

How Professionals Braid - The Tail
Peggy Thompson

Join A-Circuit professional braider, Peggy Thompson, as she takes us step by step through the braiding of a tail. Peggy imparts her secrets for creating a professionally turned out horse whose braid job will not only be beautiful, but will last all day at the horse show.

Running Time: 18 minutes and 36 seconds

In the Spotlight Interview - Short Version
Missy Clark & Peter Wylde

Olympian Peter Wylde and equitation/grand prix star-maker, Missy Clark, talk about their exciting new collaboration as they join forces at North Run. Peter is looking to get back to the top of his game and with all that Missy brings to the table, he’s sure to get there. With huge success already at Wellington during the Winter Equestrian Festival, the future looks bright.

This is a condensed version of the full interview. Click here to view full version. If you are not a member, you will have the option to purchase on a pay-per-view basis.

Running Time: 2 minutes and 15 seconds

In the Spotlight Interview - Short Version
Bernie Traurig & Ronnie Beard

Bernie sits down with renowned trainer, coach and judge, Ronnie Beard, to reminisce about the glory days of Winter Place Farm. The opulent facility was way ahead of its time and the horses and riders that emerged from there would become legends. It was nothing but the best for Mr. Caine, the farm’s owner, and he turned to Ronnie to make his dreams of showcasing champion horses and world class riders come true.

This is a condensed version of this interview. Click here for the full version, which is available to members or on a pay-per-view basis.

Running Time: 7 minutes and 29 seconds

In the Spotlight Interview with Alexander Zetterman - Short Version
Alexander Zetterman

Get to know Alex from his introduction to the sport to his biggest influences. In this interview the young grand prix rising star talks about his ambitions for the future and gives us a play by play of his round that synched Sweden’s win of the 2011 Lisbon Nations Cup.

This is a condensed version of this video. Click here for full version. It is available to members of the site or on a pay-per-view basis.

Runninng Time: 1 minute and 45 seconds