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The Gymnastic Phase Of The 2011 CET Medal Finals
John Anderson

Join Olympian John Anderson as he dissects phase two, the gymnastic phase, of Canada’s most demanding equitation medal final. Course designer, Peter Holmes, has given these top equitation riders a very sophisticated test. John rides the course on his grand prix horse, Terrific, and discusses the challenges it presents.

Running Time: 22 minutes and 50 seconds

The Ideal Hunter Type
John French

John French describes in detail the overall look and conformation that make up the ideal hunter type.

Running Time: 17 minutes and 9 seconds

The Independent Seat
Denny Emerson

Denny Emerson discusses the importance of a seat that can absorb the concussion of the horse’s gaits, where the core of the rider’s body becomes one with the horse. With his demonstration riders, he illustrates how a rider can become a better shock absorbing machine with exercises to develop an independent seat.

Running Time: 22 minutes and 7 seconds

The Kusner Gymnastic
Bernie Traurig

(Kathy Kusner & Untouchable shown in thumbnail/photo)

Bernie was originally introduced to this gymnastic many years ago when he saw it executed by his close friend and amazing Olympian, Kathy Kusner. It eventually proved to be useful in his own career as a coach. In this topic he passes on a very useful exercise that teaches horses to regulate their stride in tight combinations to encourage their best jumping effort. 

Running Time: 11 mintues and 1 second


The Medal & Maclay From The Judge's Perspective Webinar
Bernie Traurig & Julie Winkel

Find out what the judges are looking for in our webinar, The Medal & Maclay from the Judge’s Perspective. This is an interactive webinar with video presentations of past winners, along with analysis, discussion, and Q&A. Co-hosts Bernie Traurig and Julie Winkel are joined by Scott Hofstetter, Maclay Finals Winner, Medal Finals judge, top professional Hunter rider, clinician, and R judge and Cynthia Hankins, Medal Finals Winner, Medal Finals judge, trainer, clinician, and R judge.

1 Hour and 48 Minutes

The Pinwheel Exercise
Stacia Madden

Equitation championships call for precision. One necessary ability the rider must possess is the ability to “lock-in” bending lines. Stacia Madden’s brilliant, yet simple, Pinwheel Exercise is designed to hone these crucial skills for both horse and rider.

Running Time: 13 minutes and 35 seconds

The Progression of Releases
Karen Healey

Karen Healey and her demonstration riders present the various releases used in the jumping disciplines. Karen shows us what releases are suitable at the different stages in a rider’s development, from a beginner “reach up and grab mane” release to the most advanced following hand or automatic release. She discusses the advantages certain releases have and some common faults riders can make when incorrectly used.

Running Time: 22 minutes and 55 seconds


The Right Canter
Denny Emerson

In this topic Denny shows us the importance of establishing the “Right” canter. He demonstrates how getting to the right take off point with the proper speed, balance and impulsion, while staying out of the horse’s way, allows the horse to jump his best.

Running Time: 22 minutes and 22 seconds

The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center

Get a glimpse of this state-of-the-art facility in Ocala, Florida featuring the most advanced conditioning and rehabilitation equipment available today! To see all this amazing technology in action, view July’s Horsemanship Topic.

Running Time: 12 minutes and 44 seconds

The TMJ & Acupressure Meridians
Heather Mack

Part Three of a series where Dr. Heather Mack sheds light on the often overlooked Temporo-Mandibular Joint. The TMJ is a very significant convergence point for the acupressure meridians. In this video she discusses a syndrome she encounters often in her practice - the connection between sore TMJs and sore hips.

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Running Time: 6 minutes and 28 seconds