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Pony Hunter Teams From 1961
George Morris

Vintage footage of the Pony Hunter Teams in 1961. It starts with the selection trials at Devon and then goes on to the International Pony Competition in England. This priceless archival footage was filmed by Gordon Wright and is narrated by George Morris.

Running Time: 16 minutes and 48 seconds


Post Competition Leg Care for When You Don’t Have Ice Boots
Natasha Traurig Ferrara

After a competition or hard work session, it’s important to care for your athlete’s legs. Here is Natasha's routine for leg care after a show or jump school session. This is a great routine if you do not have access to ice boots. 

Note: If you're using liniment at a show, please use as directed and stated under the USEF Rules. Be mindful of the difference of the FEI Rules.

Post Jump Leg Care When You Have Ice Boots
Natasha Traurig Ferrara

Natasha believes in icing her horse’s legs after hard work or a jump school session. Here is her icing and leg care routine if you have ice boots on hand. 

Proper Use of the Stick and a Safety Precaution Every Rider Should Know
Susan Deal

In this handy free video tidbit, Susan Deal (USHJA Certified Trainer, Judge & Steward) demonstrates the proper use of the stick as a back up to the leg aid or to correct a disobedience to the leg aid. New riders, particularly young children on ponies, often lack the leg strength to effectively encourage forward momentum, so correct stick use is a must for beginners. Susan also gives us a very important safety tip concerning the stick that could prevent a rider from being pulled off their horse.

Running Time: 1 mintue and 13 seconds

Rodrigo Pessoa Interview - Short Version
Rodrigo Pessoa

Get to know Rodrigo Pessoa from his introduction to the sport to his biggest influences. In this interview, the renowned Olympian and World Champion talks about the experiences, the people and the horses that have helped shape his successful career and what his goals are for the future.

This is a condensed version of this interview. The full version is available to members and on a pay-per-view basis. Click here to view the full version.

Running Time: 2 minutes and 41 seconds

Rolling In The Deep
Bernie Traurig

Bernie Traurig takes a look back at the progression water jumps have made in the sport of eventing. You'll see unbelievable footage of horses and riders negotiating the very first and very daunting water jump that made it's debut at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Eventing super star, Michael Plumb, makes quite a splash in rare footage from the 1964 Olympic Trials in Gladstone, New Jersey.  The more "civilized" water obstacles used today can be seen in 2007 footage when Olympian Gina Miles and her horse McKinlaigh skillfully negotiate the water at the beautiful Badminton Horse Trials.

Running Time: 7 minutes

Roots of Forward Riding in America by George Morris
George Morris

George Morris looks at how forward riding evolved in America. A style born of the melding of the French and Italian cavalry systems and influenced by the Thoroughbred horse. He describes how the forward riding system is focused on the leg instead of the seat and how it will always have a place in the show jumping sport.

Running Time: 9 minutes and 40 seconds

Safety First: Proper Mounting & Dismounting Techniques
Bernie Traurig

Bernie Traurig and his daughter, Natasha, demonstrate correct and safe mounting & dismounting options. Find out which ones suit you.

Running Time: 9 minutes and 55 seconds

Safety First: Stirrup and Girth Adjustments
Bernie Traurig

Bernie demonstrates the proper techniques for stirrup & girth adjustments.

For a slick tip on how to easily lengthen or shorten your stirrups while mounted view the video: Adjusting Stirrups

Running Time: 4 minutes and 58 seconds

Stable Safety - Crossties and Tying
Cori Christmann

Proper handling of your horse prevents accidents and helps to ensure that you, other people and your horse will be safe and sound. Join Cori Christmann as she goes over safe crosstie practices and tying procedures.

Running Time: 6 minutes and 40 seconds