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Exercises to Develop a Better Eye: Part 1-B
Bernie Traurig

Bernie demonstrates exercises you can incorporate into your flatwork everyday that will work your eye without overworking your horse!  

View the first part of this series: Exercises to Develop a Better Eye: Part 1-A
View the next part of this series: Advanced Exercises to Develop a Better Eye Part 2

Running Time: 18 minutes and 13 seconds


Exercises to Enhance the Rider’s Balance
Archie Cox

Archie Cox joins us again and this time he shares some exercises aimed to get a rider balanced in the tack and moving as one with the horse. His rider demonstrates how the exercises help to develop heel depth and encourage independence of the arms.

Running time: 12 mintues and 12 seconds

Exercises to Help Lower Back Pain
Robin Martinez

We all know that riding is physically challenging and can be particularly demanding on the lower back. Join fitness expert and rider, Robin Martinez, as she demonstrates simple exercises and stretches that will alleviate lower back pain.

Also make sure to check out Robin's introduction to her fitness series, The Essential Elements of Fitness, by clicking here.

Running Time: 8 minutes and 2 seconds

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. The presenters in this video are not medical professionals and this video is not intended to override or supersede information or courses of treatment from your medical doctor. The information presented on this video site is not intended to take the place of your personal physician’s advice and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical emergency, seek help from your physician or from a medical specialist. 

Exercises To Increase Heel Depth
Bernie Traurig

“Put your heels down...” this is one of the first things every rider is taught because it is so essential to proper position and effective riding. In this topic, Bernie focuses on ways to increase and maintain deep heels every day.

Running Time: 6 minutes and 32 seconds

Eye Exercise Tips
Bernie Traurig

Bernie demonstrates exercises you can incorporate into your flatwork everyday that will work your eye without overworking your horse!

Running Time: 6 minutes and 41 seconds

Farrier Tips With Blair Cooper
Blair Cooper

Spend some time with top Southern California farrier, Blair Cooper, as he demonstrates the proper techniques for dealing with sprung, loose or lost shoes. In this video you will learn what to do to keep your horse’s hooves in good shape until the farrier arrives.

Running Time: 9 minutes and 55 seconds

Favorite Books on Riding and Horsemanship
Natasha Traurig Ferrara

Here are some of Natasha's favorite books on riding and horsemanship. Many of these were handed down to her from her parents. It is so important to gather as much information as you can on methods of training and education from other riders, especially from legends like the authors of these books. You never stop learning in this sport.

Figure Eight Exercise
Missy Clark

With demonstrations by Grand Prix rider, Darragh Kenny, and Medal & Maclay winner, Hayley Barnhill, Missy introduces her figure eight exercise that helps to develop the rider’s eye and control, while improving the horse’s rideability and jump.

Running Time: 8 minutes and 1 second

Finding the Horse That Is Right for You
Denny Emerson

Denny Emerson outlines a sensible strategy to evaluate the suitability between horse and rider. By analyzing the variables such as the rider's level and goals along with the horse's soundness, temperament and athleticism, Denny presents the formula for a good match.

Running Time: 23 minutes and 54 seconds

Fine-Tuning Downward Transitions & Trot Fences
Missy Clark

Missy reveals the exercise that she uses to make both her equitation horses and jumpers comfortable with downward transitions and trot fences. Missy has designed a drill that, with practice, will lead to the mastery of this sophisticated test that often appears in equitation classes.

Running Time: 11 minutes and 18 seconds